• What is a hand poke tattoo?

The art of hand poke tattooing is the administration of ink into the skin, with the result being the creation of a permanent tattoo, without the use or aid of any electricity. This practice can also be known under many other names. Examples include; hand poke tattoo, hand tattoo, machine-free tattoo and stick and poke. As opposed to the use of a machine, the tattoo is created with the use of a single sterile tattoo needle, which can be known to be attached to a stick. This needle is then repeatedly poked into the skin to create a tattoo design.


There are a diverse range of methods and tools that are used across the world, by many cultures. The plethora of tools is admirable, fluctuating from instruments like bamboo, through to the use of sharpened animal bones and sticks.

The method is very simple, and that’s often the appeal. There is no aggressive machine buzz or equipment. Rather, just a needle, ink and sterilization apparatus. 

  • Who am I?

My name is Karla Delakidd and I'm a multi disciplinary artist based in Toronto. I offer a hand poke tattoo service from a private studio, visits by appointment only. I hand poke under the name @fantasma.inkk 

  • Pricing

Tattoos start at $100-150 CAD. The price of a piece is determined by colour, detail and size - larger pieces will increase the price of the piece. 

  • What do I do if I need a touch up? 

Tattoo touch-ups are at no extra cost. Once your tattoo has fully healed (4-6 weeks) send me an email and we can arrange a time..

  • Tattoo Aftercare

Protect your new tattoo with correct dressing. Your new tattoo is an open wound and open flesh is prime breeding ground for bacteria and infection. It will be appropriately applied with bandages and dressings to protect your hand poke tattoo while also allowing any bodily fluids to drain. You should leave the bandage on overnight.

Keeping it clean

Gently and carefully wash the tattooed area with warm water and antibacterial, fragrance-free soap. Pat it dry with a clean towel or tissue, then air dry it. In the instance of washing the tattoo too often, the tattoo can become damaged, so take it easy.


Good salves will enhance the colour of the tattoo, promote healing and will not clog pores. Forgetting to regularly apply an aftercare product can significantly damage the tattoo. Let your tattoo heal on its own for about 3-5 days before applying lotion or balms. 


Ensuring that the tattoo is exposed to open air is vital with regards to the healing process. Try to wear loose-fitting and breathable clothing that will not rub or irritate against the tattoo, especially the first two or three days.

Healing process

It is completely normal for the skin around the tattooed area to peel and scar. In order to avoid any risk of infection or colour loss, resist itching or picking the area. Allow the irritation to fall off naturally. If any itching or irritation does occur, gently tap on the tattooed area to aid in relieving the symptoms while not damaging the tattoo.

Things to avoid

  • Do not shave the area

  • Avoid the seaside, swimming pools or hot tubs

  • Do not leave the bandage or dressing on for too long

  • Try to avoid direct sunlight without sunscreen

  • Pets

The tattoo should heal properly within two to three weeks. 

  • How do I inquire about flash or custom work?